Telia S. Lambey, is a very savvy business woman and entrepreneur with the drive of a custom made Maybach she has launched various companies and has been business driven from the beginning of her teenage years.  Well rounded in the field and industry of entertainment Telia has done internships for many established companies, worked with established recording artist and producers, negotiated deals and worked with companies such as; Kools Cigaretts, Armandell, ProKeds, Coors Light, Azania Cosmetics, Rap Fanatic Magazine, Hype Hair Magazine, Urban Threshold, Sirus Radio.

Ms. Lambey has during the course of this modeled for several agencies, acted in various movies and TV series, dropped two complimentary albums, two of her singles hit the top chart overseas “Good Bad Chick” and “Freak Hun!” on Record Label “Coco Machette”,

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Executive produced independent film “Flow” which was screened in the Tribecca Film Festival and was written up in IFS Magazine 2002, She has also casted 75% of the cast for the street hit Independent Film “Hot Metal” and most recently she is the Producer of the newly launched Web Series-Legacytheseries wwww.legacytheseries.com

Her specialty is expanding and marketing small business,  she has become a Master Thinker throughout her trial’s and tribulations and helping to structure, launch and take a business step by step to new heights is what she does best.

Telia is always on the move looking for ways to uplift, mentor, be and bring out the best in the people she engages.  As she looks to assist with growing business’s, new business ventures and work with positive, productive, passionate people, she is looking forward to the future because she is destine to Win, keep Winning, and Empower the people around her to Follow Your Dreams!

Telia is the driving force behind a lot of great talents and looks forward to build with people that are trend setters.

“Greatness is created during times of despair-Have no fear TLam Services is Here”


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