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Published on March 25th, 2013 | by Telia Lambey

Carlington Roberts Top 20 Finalist

Carlington Roberts, a McDonough, Georgia native, performs as one of the twenty finalists for BET’s record breaking fourth season of ‘Sunday Best.’ Hosted by gospel giant Kirk Franklin, and judged by Grammy Award-winning gospel artists Donnie McClurkin and gospel duo Mary Mary, the exhilarating series showcases the nation’s best gospel singers as they compete to win the SUNDAY BEST title. New episodes air Sunday nights on BET at 8 pm ET/7 pm CST. Photo credit: Picturegroup/BET Networks.


The Path of my Life that lead, to the road To Sunday’s best!

After moving to the US in 1977, it has always been a dream for Carlington to minister to God’s people and even as a child people would tell him he was a gift. Contributing much to his Dad who was a preacher, who always took him to church instead of just sending him, Carlington choose to follow in his dad’s footsteps. By the age of 19 God was preparing him for ministry.  He meet with constituents who showed him around Rose based Miami Florida. It was here that he entered the How Can I Say No Gospel Competition where he won 2003-2004.

The CD produced from that show sold over 15,000 copies which opened the door for his next album called “Sore”. No matter what the circumstances through it all you can “Sore”.


The Storm Will Come before the Breakthrough.

I moved to Georgia after going through a divorce that I took very hard.  You know being a man of God, and a father to my son who I love dearly, put me at a very low point of my life.  I felt like a failure, I couldn’t see my child for months and I was uprooting myself and starting all over.


Attempted Suicide.

I was in such a stage of depression that I would often think about committing suicide, I would go so deep into the thought trying to figure out how I could do it and be forgiven.  One day my thoughts almost played out into action and as I was standing on a ledge in heavy meditation a voice on the inside of me was saying “Stand”.  Then those life breathing words of Donnie McClurkin hit the pit of my soul and then I heard the song actually playing on the radio “AFTER YOU’VE DONE ALL YOU CAN, YOU JUST STAND”, seconds later my good friend John Marley (Bob Marley’s son) came in the room and asked me what was I doing!.  He stayed with me for hours and we talked about life, we cried together and fellow-shipped together, after he left and was sitting there in prayer I saw a mist of clouds that dried up my tears.  It was a comfort angel that appeared I truly believe at that time Impartation took place and I was “anointed” that very moment.


Moving In The Spirit.

I got an email when I came in about a contest that my sister sent me coming in from work.  I was very tired so I just glanced through the information.  Once I saw it was hours away and the date was for that very next morning, I decided I wasn’t going and attempted to sleep.

My spirit was so uncomfortable so at 3am I got up took a shower and wanted to try to sleep again but, couldn’t.  So I decided to go to enter the contest I got my beach chair and my pillows and headed to the audition.  When I got there the line was huge I was going to leave, it was crowded, I was now tired, and the line was wrapped around twice in 30% weather.  I waited on line for about an hour and then started to pack up to leave.

A lady insisted that I should not leave especially after already getting through the hardest part which was actually being there, so I got back in line and continued to wait. By around 7AM I found myself constantly falling asleep in the church I was now drained.  I finally got to auditioned and was waiting for them to call 40 people out of the thousands of people who auditioned.  I made it!  I was called and couldn’t believe this was really happening, then the count had to be narrowed down to 2 out of the 40 so when they called my number 6271#, A number I will never forget for the rest of my life I continued to look around to see if it was really me.

WOW, and to only think that less than 72 hours prior I was contemplating not only ending my Ministry, but my Life!  (God Is an Awesome God).

Sunday’s Best Saved Me! (Saved My Soul It Was Confirmation That I am Not To Give Up Ministry)

Now where on my 3rd audition where I had to audition in front of Donnie McKlurcin, Erica and Tina Campbell I was so nervous that I couldn’t move, my knee’s where absolutely frozen because I heard that Tina was really hard to impress.  As I opened my mouth to sing I was re-living the suicide attempt moment and sang “Stand”; right in that middle verse before I could finish my song Tina stopped me and counted me in.

I have truly experienced God’s Glory more so than ever at that very moment.  It’s funny because I am not trying at all to sound like Donnie, although I respect and love his music but ever since that moment of importation people say all the time that we have the same pitch.  I have always had a high voice prior to this incident.


The TOP 20 Experience.

Just to be a part of the Top 20 was an awesome experience, we were constantly fellow shipping and praising God we enjoyed those times more than the joys of winning because together we got closer to God.

But, my story and experience has changed me forever and I thank God that my testimony has according to my face-book friends, gave people hope, it brought marriages back together, so I am forever grateful.  This opportunity has opened so many doors I have a new single out, many new fans, friends, and people who know of my ministry so I will forever thank God, Donnie, Mary Mary and the entire crew of Sunday’s Best.

Video Clip:  Newly Released Single: “Lord I Lift your Name”



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