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Published on March 25th, 2013 | by Telia Lambey



Legacy 7
Scene’s On Set


Legacy 11
Crying Mom

Legacy 12
Sneek Peek
It’s So Serious!

Legacy 4
Bad Guy

Legacy 18
On Set Day 2



Legacy is about two families, Vincent Turner and Malik Griffin. Vincent’s family comes from a crime related background, from his mother and father to his grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousin. Now Malik comes from a long line of Police Officer, Attorneys, Judges, and mostly anything that have to with law enforcement.These two gentlemen have been friends since they were in second grade together. They grew up in the same neighborhood and that is how their relationship began. As men their lifestyle sometimes cross because of the career paths that each has taken. Malik is the number one detective in New York City and have been honored by the Commissioner for his outstanding work he has demonstrated over the years. Vincent on the other hand has taken over the family business that his father left him when he died. Vincent controls most of the illegal drugs, prostitution, money laundering, illegal gambling houses, and numerous other illegal activities. As the number one detective in NYC, Malik has to make some decisions concerning his friend Vincent and his career.


LEGACY: Has some of New York’s Best Actor’s & Actress’s that New York City has to offer!  This web series is full of action, drama, and real life problems.  As we prepare for the launch of this Web Series Show we anticipate to have the best audience ever, your opinion will matter and help determine where we go with the series to come based on the audience participation.  So let us know who your favorite characters are, come out to our promotional venue’s and most importantly stay in the loop as The Legacy Unfolds.

Director: Jessie Barnes Jr.

Producer: Telia S. Lambey

Associate Producer: Crystal Williams

The Executive Staff would like to give a special thanks to all the people that makes this possible (Actor’s, Actress’s, Extra’s, Camera, Sound, Technicians, Managers, Publicists, Make-Up, Stylist), and  you all the audience for taking the time to bring Legacy The Series To Life!  Stay Tuned as We Create The Next Hit Web Series…………………………………….

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