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Published on March 25th, 2013 | by Telia Lambey

Women Doing It Big – Empowerment Conference


Host: Chyna Bethley, and Guest Speakers, D’or, Pastor Saroya Byrd, Stacie, N.G. Grant, and Dr. Nicola Jackson

This was an electricfying, positive, motivative, innovative  event that had and an array of speakers who were on Fire! “Fierce and fearless” as Tiana Von Johnson put’s  it. The people and atmosphere was full of good energy from the beginning to end.  As the Grand ceremony of many more to come, being a part of the kick off conference to the Women Doing It Big Empowerment Conference is reason enough to share with anyone who did not attend some captavating moments to encourage you to be a part of one that is coming to a location near you.  You will gain more coming out than you had going in, whether it is touching and/or reaching a powerful person you may never encounter to elevate you to another level, to hear the stories and (see your story may be similar to the powerful women speakers Doing It Big, as encouraging), Networking with vendors, whatever your purpose;  this conference will ignite and tap into the inner you and the experience alone will have you leaving Empowered!



As the beatiful and alluring host Chyna Bethley, opened up the Alhambra Ballroom by loosening up the guest as they  join her in a dance called the Cupid Shuffle.  As the Co-Star and Executive Producer of BET Centric’s “Amateur Millionaires Club”, Life Coach and Entrepreneur-Chyna spoke on “The Power of Coming Together” as she went on to express the need to “FAITH IT TILL YOU MAKE IT”!



Lead us in prayer as the first speaker –“What To Do? When You Don’t Know!  What To Do?”.  She is the Pastor of Gospel of Peace International Ministries and the Founder of (WISE) Women in Spiritual Excellence.  Pastor Byrd, ministered to our minds, body, and soul’s and if you didn’t hear the word you were sure to feel her spirit as she went on to rebuke the spirit of self pity “Wash Your Face and Change Your Clothes” and why you got to fake it till you make It.



As the Queen-Diva of the Event Tiana Von Johnson she power moved her way onto the stage in her beautifully fit dazzyling purple sequinse dress.   She opened up her speech by blessing the crowd  playing her style of “LET’S MAKE A DEAL”- giving away money to pay bills for guest.  Tiana randomley had games and asked guest that had items in there bags such as; (business cards, a bobby pin, and a dime), (A I phone & $50 bill), and a (food stamp card) to name a few and the winners were given a hand full of money to pay their bills.  You see why she is the Creative-Master Mind behind this PowerHouse Conference and Yes! She is certainly Doing It Big! Doing It Right! Having Fun!  and sharing her gifts and wisdom with others to show you avenues to be able to Do It Big Too!   This Businesswoman, Producer, Real Estate Guru, Visionary and Sought-After Mindset Coach spoke on-“How to Create a Millionaire’s Mind” as she shared her;



  1. Make Silent Moves With Loud Actions-(You can’t tell everyone what your doing because unfortunatley, not everyone is going to support you).
  2. Clean House-(De-Clutter, consist of deleting some people, names and numbers).
  3. Set Priorities-(Write them down everyday).
  4. Get With Someone or Something That Works-(Get with people, affiliates that are successful)
  5. Create a Vision Board-(Helps you define where you are going).



D’or glided on stage as she approach the podium with pure elegance, grace and style.  She spoke about-WORDS THAT HEAL, as an Entrepreneur, Life Coach, Neo-Soul Artist, Songwriter and Founder of Project B.U.I.L.D she encouraged the crowd to Look Good So You Can Feel Good.  Her message was that the first step is to change the Mind-Set and to especially stop “SPEWING VENUM WITH OUR WORDS TO OUR CHILDREN” as she stated we are only “Contaminating the spirit”, instead we should be using words of greatness to attract the light within.




The Bold & Beautiful Syleena Johnson-The Power Of Boss’n -is a Grammy Nominated Singer, Songwriter and the Co-Star of the Hit Reality Show “R&B Divas”.  Hard work dedication and having good people in your realm are the keys to my success.  The reality life is great exposure and like everything else it comes with the good and bad.  Being a Boss and a person in charge of your destiny and the people around you it is important to protect your perimeters.

This was just a few of the monumental moments of this conference, other phenomenal guess speakers came out; Dr. Nicola Jackson-“How The Wealthy and The Rich Stay Rich, Stacie N.G. Grant-The Power To Detox & Run, From The Toxic People In Your Life-Motivational and Empowerment Specialit,Trainer and Life Coach.  Authors; Tionna Smalls, Girl Get Your Mind Right, and Teri Woods, best selling Author-“True To The Game”,  The Legendary Hip-Hop Guru-Roxanne Shante-From Disaster To Triumph, Guest Speaker-Tashera Simmons-Emotional Victim No Longer.


A short break for a great luncheon took place, and the opportunity to mix and mingle with the vendors, enjoy great music, see an Exclusive Fashion Show by NajR ACT LIKE A LADY DRESS LIKE A POWER HOUSE.

Testimonials were taken, there was a chance to ask questions to the panel and the event closed with a heart felt live performance by Pastor Byrd McKinney.

If you know there is something greater within you and your current position in life is not your final destination then I encourage you to register for the next Power House Conference:  “WOMEN DOING IT BIG” .  The Conference is scheduled to do a 15 City Tour so look for one near you.


Get more information at the links listed below;


or visit www.womendoingitbig.com

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